Eli Walker, Elite Eye Productions


Since 2012, I’ve handled and been apart of many types of video productions. Working with many wonderful organizations has rewarded me with many new and exciting experiences. (Homeland, Iron Man 3, Banshee and more..)

As a young boy, I was fascinated with telling amazing stories in compelling ways by the scenes I shot and edited. I quickly discovered with each frame that portraying different emotions can tell an all-encompassing story. “Emotions are behind everything I do." After years of professional training and experience in film and event cinematography,I became driven by the desire to set a new standard in videography that transforms the traditional event video into a memorable revolutionary film. After years I finally decided to create a high-quality video production agency that specializes in life changing stories.

What's my process?

My goal is to give my clients the best customer service. Although, I am happy to discuss your project, I do believe it is in your best interest to contact prospective vendors for quotes and get a feel for what they offer and see if there is a fit. Keep in mind every project is different. 

I believe in transparency. I provide quotes that breakdown of all costs and expenses. I have separate hourly rates for filming and editing.

I have different rates for corporate, non-profits, and individuals.

My turnaround time is usually 1-2 weeks for most projects. It may vary depending on my filming schedule.


Coverage with one or more CANON DSLR camera for a cinematic style at one or more locations.

Edit Review & Approval Page. Finished edit and raw footage available for direct download.

Stream your video from anywhere in the world, online and on mobile devices.

Password protected, hosted video player for your family & friends.
Chaptered Raw footage hosted on Vimeo for 1 year.

skills, not gadgets


I love the creative aspects of my work, but it’s not what drives me. I love being able to please my clients and make their visions come to reality. I do love being able to keep up with the latest technical advances, but I'm a firm believer that the latest camera models won't automatically make someone produce great work. I trust my skills to produce great work. I'm amazed at how far this industry has come. I started with video as a hobby in 2012 when they just introduced HD. The technology quickly advanced to HDR and now we have 4K and above video displays and recording formats.