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Tess & Taylor | Wedding Video | 10.1.22
Elite Eye Productions

Tess & Taylor | Wedding Video | 10.1.22

It all started when this dancer from NYC had relocated back to NC amidst the Covid hoopla. Tess decided to download the infamous online dating app, Hinge. She went in with no expectations & was very picky about who she connected with. She clicked on Taylor's profile- she was drawn to the fact that it said he was a 'good cook'...which he most certainly is! This country boy spent the whole weekend hanging out with Tess. They met on their first date at Hickory Tavern followed by a motorcycle ride to the lake (Tess followed in her car, she didn't know him very well yet!). After Taylor stepped outside of Papa Doc's for a quick second, he saw Tess by herself at the bar to which he says "Hey pretty lady you got yourself a man?!" Tess replied, "I don't know you tell me!" And well...the rest is history! The couple went on to celebrate holidays together, go on several trips, and support each other's businesses & endeavors. Their First Christmas together & they added one furry member to the crew. Scout got a brother for Christmas... Trooper! Taylor proposed to Tess on her 25th birthday with family & friends all around! She had a taco pinata (Mexican is her fav meal) and it quickly changed from mariachi music to 'their song'. When Tess turned around Taylor was on one knee. Their siblings & niece were behind Taylor holding signs saying 'Will You Marry Me?' covered in photos from their relationship. To say this was the best birthday ever was an understatement! Soon after their engagement, Tess & Taylor found out they were pregnant with a sweet baby boy! The Ripepi's said I Do with just immediate family in a beautifully intimate setting saving the big reception with all of their family, friends, and newborn son the following year! On October 1st, 2022 Join the Ripepi's as they say I Do in Part 2 of their Wedding! Elite Eye Productions Crew: Eli Walker Heidi Eggles Uriah LeMay Samantha Benson #WeddingVideo #weddingphotography #weddingcinematic
Creating A New Ripple: It's Time To Reconnect
Elite Eye Productions

Creating A New Ripple: It's Time To Reconnect

COVID 19 has turned the world upside down. Loneliness, anxiety, and depression are at an all-time high making us painfully aware of our need as humans for CONNECTION and BELONGING. Corporations sent their workforce home, which doubled as the classroom. People struggled, and then they adjusted. They got accustomed to the new lifestyle. For some, it worked really well. For others, the isolation and lack of interaction and support sent them into a downward spiral. We each have the power to be a part of the healing process. We all GET to make choices every day that makes a difference in our lives and the lives of others - by getting back to the basics: Be Present. Turn off the TV, put your phones away and take the earbuds out.  Creates an invisible protective bubble that says “YOU MATTER!!”  Invites the sharing of information. Smile. Smiling releases feel-good transmitters in the brain-Dopamine, Endorphins, and Serotonin. Smiling makes us happier as it sends a message to the brain that something good is about to happen.  YOUR smile could be just the medicine someone else needs to smile and sends a beautiful healing ripple out into the world. Be curious and ASK questions. We connect through stories and shared experiences. It builds trust, understanding, and ultimately connected relationships. So ask …Who, Where, What, When, Why, Why not & How? Connecting. When we don’t have the tools to get something done - we get Frustrated. We’ve got the tools. We’ve just forgotten how to use them - creating Anxiety Trust. When we lose our trust we lose our voice. We go into protect mode of our ideas, information, and our emotions. Care. When we really do care people get it. There is no SMALL TALK when we’re curious. Ask the follow-up questions and watch people open up – and share their stories.  Caring helps to create a safe space-a place where others feel they belong and as a result are more productive and creative.  We’re able to take bigger risks, ask bigger questions, and have those tough conversations that we really do need to be having. It’s the tough conversations that show we care and have hope for better - which ultimately strengthens our personal and business relationships and sends a new ripple into our lives, community, and the world. We’ve got this! Connect with Michelle Weber TODAY: This video was produced by Elite Eye Productions L.L.C. IG: LinkedIn: #EliteEyeProductions #CreatingANewRipple #LifeCoach


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Chase Keller, NC

Eli at Elite Eye Productions is AMAZING to work with!!! He is very detail oriented and will make sure you love your content whether it’s photos, a short video/commercial or even a movie! Also being a licensed and insured drone pilot, creates endless possibilities for your magical moments. I highly recommend Eli and his services! I will continue to use him for all future endeavors.

Kristen Eaves, NC

Eli is the best photographer/videographer around, hands down! I couldn’t believe how great the pictures turned out. He came and shot for my companies event and everyone couldn’t stop raving about how amazing the video was he put together. The video footage that came back from the drone he used was better than anything I’ve seen before. His crew and him are very professional and accommodating. We will be using Elite Eye Productions for all of our events. Definitely recommend!

Sharod Culpepper, NC

Eli is very professional in what he does. He recreates your photos into a cinematic movie. He is very organized and punctual. His creativity is unmatched compared to your everyday photographer. What you ask him to do he will surpass your expectations. He will always be my first choice.


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