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As true partners and creative problem solvers, we ensure that each of our services lead to your satisfaction and success. Check out the variety of services we offer below, and get in touch with any questions.


Starting at $200.00

Our photographers are trained, skilled, & specialized in the best Post-Production Detailing. Focusing on the smallest of details in close-ups, portraits, & headshots, we'll bring out the best of the features you're looking to unveil!
As a bonus!! We work with all of our clients to ensure we create exactly what you're looking for -  including personalized 'pre-shoot' meetings, 'post-production' consultations + more!

Happy daughter_edited.jpg
Image by Jessica Rockowitz


Starting at $250.00

Our team of energized, excited & creative photographers will make sure your Family Shoot is enjoyable + relaxing. Providing props, backdrops, scenery + silly jokes for the kids, we want to ensure all you need to do is smile!  Whether you have a blended family, small family, extended family, or new family, you can count on us to create the perfect canvas!


Starting at $1000/ Month

One of the most challenging stages in any new business is marketing Not here! Our team of content specialists has the innovation & imagination to take your vision to the next level. With access to the best digital creation platforms, advanced editing tools & timely communication, we can generate amazing results, fast, for you and your company!

Film Clapboard
Newly Wed Couple


Starting at $1,325.00

You take weeks, months, even years creating the perfect "Vibe" for YOUR Wedding . . & the pictures, well those will cherish that memory for a lifetime.
Our professional Photographers will meet with you before your big day to 'practice' multiple styles of videography/photography to find the one that will best encapsulate your biggest moments + match your wedding style. We provide individual, group, and family photos + videography services that will cover your WHOLE day - Pre-wedding, Ceremony, Reception, and even Post-event! Specializing in close-ups, product shots, landscapes, the perfect setting/frame, dancing patrons, and anything in between - We have you covered!


Contact for Quote

Timeliness & the finished product are the most important factors for capturing a work event. We arrive early to film the eye-catching setting before everyone arrives, & will stay late to ensure we're there for every moment. While ensuring we get your project back to you as soon as you'd like, we also ensure to provide the highest quality level of post-production in that short time. Big or small, we'll make your project high quality, professional, and ready to be shared with the world!

Image by Austin Distel
Film Set


Make your company stand out!

We are equipped with a full studio! From audio recording, moving camera sliders, shoulder rigs, monitors, stabilizers, and more; we have all the tech needed to create any form of video/film! We specialize in advertisements, educational, and recruitment videos. You can count on our professional videographers and their pre/post-editing skills to create just what your business needs!


Starting at $500.00

Sports can be one of the most challenging styles in the game (pun intended), but Elite Eye has the tools to capture your every move. We have produced college recruiting videos for sports like football and track, in addition to creating "Hype" reels for colleges, local-sport agencies, and corporate athletic facilities. Whatever the sport, we're here for your support! If you are in need of an athletic video in a facet we did not mention, please reach out and we would be thrilled to tell you how we can accommodate.

Image by Sven Kucinic


Starting at $500.00

For Music Videos & Artist promotions, we follow a ladder to the top that each and every client climbs with us. 
1. Briefing 2. Client Revision / Confirmation  3. Pre-production 4. Production 5. Post-production 6. Client revision 7. Final edit -- We truly believe in co-production with our clientele. 
Start with our professional videographers & high-tech production equipment then add your creativity, talent, and vision; & we can create a spectacular scene to be seen.

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